Before focusing on the question of who would hire a private investigator, it is essential to know who a private investigator is? A private investigator (also referred to as PI) is a person who is hired by either an individual or a firm/group to investigatory law services. Broadly, private investigators are hired in civil and criminal cases. But, there are instances where having a case is not necessary, and a PI is hired to prevent situations that would lead to a lawsuit.

This article would now shed light upon different types of people or groups that would hire a private investigator.

Human Resource (HR) Professionals

The human resource department in every firm has the responsibility of employing people that are suitable for the firm and ensuring that their performance brings benefits to the company. To do this effectively, some HR professionals hire private investigators to do a background check on the employees before they are hired. This investigation helps in evaluating the candidate’s profile. The question in consideration now is that what use is this investigation of? Firstly, this investigation checks if the candidate has any criminal record. Hiring a person with an active criminal record would be very harmful to the firm. These investigators also check whether their resume is true. Lying on a resume is not only illegal in some countries but is also ethically wrong.

Fraud or embezzlement problem

One of the foremost ways of saving a company’s money is by reducing fraud claims. This can be done by hiring private investigators. Employees bringing false claims against a firm to obtain benefits and cash has become a common practice these days. Companies hire private investigators who do surveillance on such employees by accessing specific videos or making reports on the claimant’s activities. Information like this helps to solve such cases without going to court.

Lawyers and attorneys

Lawyers and attorneys

Lawyers hire private investigators to do a background check on the opponent parties. They not only do this but also help in tracking down witnesses and serve subpoenas. This reduces the burden of lawyers as they have to focus on the legal formalities more.

Domestic cases

Private investigators are widely hired in domestic cases. One of the primary situations is that of spouse infidelity. Partners hire investigators to check if their spouse is cheating on them. These investigators provide them with videos and photographs that can be used to clarify the situation.

In situations of child custody, parents hire private investigators to collect information that can be used to prove that a parent is not suitable for raising their child.

Other than the situations mentioned above, private investigators are also hired to find missing people. They follow clues and gather information faster than the police and help to find the missing person.


After considering all the situations where individuals or groups would hire private investigators, it can be concluded that private investigators play a significant role in solving everyday problems. The services they provide are worth the money which is paid to them.