A private investigator (hereafter referred to as PI) is someone who is hired by individuals or firms to carry investigatory law services. These investigators play a very important role. They usually handle cases that other professionals do not take care of. The need to handle these cases is because one way or the other, they impact the justice or corporate system. Hence, it is important that they are handled with responsibility and precision. Legal Professionals have to work on a number of cases simultaneously, so it gets difficult for them to focus deeply on the relatively less important case.

The article below would now tend to focus on the fact that what private investigators are used for.

Background checks

Most private investigators provide the service of background checks along with the other list of services in their portfolio. The background check requires going through the person’s history and access information like their criminal record, if any, their address history, social life, and professional or employment history. This information can then be used for property or employment purposes. For e.g., large firms hire private investigators to conduct background checks on candidates whom they feel to be suitable for the job. These checks save the firm from facing any difficulties because of that employee in the future. Besides this, couples also use PI’s to get checks done to know the history of the person they are willing to date or marry in the near future.


Other the background checks another important reason why people might hire a private investigator is to get surveillance done on a particular target. This need usually arises in situations where one person feels that they are under the threat of being harmed by someone like a stalker or abusive ex. Companies in matters regarding civil investigations can also order surveillance. An example is where an insurance company attempts to seek knowledge about a person who claims a serious injury. Such scenarios could involve matters like worker’s compensation, company fraud, or even personal injury cases.

Family law matters

Private investigators are also widely used in family law matters. They are hired to gather information and evidence in cases of divorce or child custody. Not only these, but PI’s are also hired to find missing people. They do so by deeply tracking the evidence and clues in comparatively less time than the police. Other than these, PI’s are also contacted to trace or gather information in cases of spouse infidelity.


Private investigators are used in a wide range of cases that are not limited to domestic matters but also involve investigations for insurance companies, businesses, lawyers, or attorney. They play a major role in the justice system, and their work is also an attempt to ease some burden off the shoulders of the police and other legal professionals. Private investigators are also allowed to testify in court hearings on what they have observed during the entire process of investigation.