Instagram is one of the most popular social sites on the planet. It has 200 million active members sharing over 60 million images and videos and 1.7 billion likes per day. The average Instagram engagement rate is more than 50% higher than that of Facebook. If you want to stand out, show off your brand and get more followers on Instagram you need to work harder and smarter. In this blog, I will be sharing 5 ways to reach out to target audiences and get more Instagram followers: creating a profile, using call to action, promoting a dedicated hashtag, Instagram automation, creating Instagram ads.


  1. Create a Branded and a Complete Instagram Profile

How your entire Instagram profile looks have an impact on whether you will receive more followers or not? Your feed should make a great impression to entice the target audience to hit the “Follow” button. Your Instagram profile should match your homepage. When a person visits your profile he/she makes a decision whether to follow your business or not in seconds. You should have a great Instagram photo, active stores, an effective bio, and attractive photos on your Instagram highlights. Gorgeous Instagram aesthetics and professional looking feed attract more followers.


  1. Call to Action

Instagram just like Facebook is a conversation platform but not a broadcasting platform. Staples help people to know what they’re expected to do with their posts. Always remember to tell your audience what to with each and every post on your Instagram. A call to action will cleverly get people to share staple’s content. Encourage your present followers to share your posts with their friends and families. On your website encourage your customers to follow your business on Instagram.


  1. Promote your Dedicated Hashtag

Make sure your hashtag is in your Instagram profile. Print it on print ads, receipts, relevant events and signage at your store. When on radio, TV or live on YouTube direct people to use your hashtag. Integrate both offline and online campaigns by listing your hashtag on your social profiles, email blasts, and website. The more your followers use your hashtag the more your account becomes popular and starts recording new followers. Having a hashtag means nothing if no one is using it.


  1. Instagram automation

If you want to boost your Instagram followers fast, Instagram automation is your option. This is the simplest way yet effective to increase your Instagram followers. There are many Instagram automation tools available. This tools automatically connect your account with other people’s accounts based on your location. The best Instagram automation tools include SocialUpgrade, Social Captain, Gold Nitro, Falcon social, Instant Dash, Gramflare, Upleap, Instazood, EXPLOD social, and Droplitt.


  1. Create Instagram Ads

Presenting the right ads to your audiences is a great opportunity to build your followers. Running an Instagram ad campaign isn’t difficult but if you’re a new business owner or influencer it can be intimidating. There are many Instagram ads you can run for your account ranging from the promoted Instagram stories ads to the form feed videos and images. All you need is to target the right audience and in the right way. Also, make sure you have a strong call to action in all your Instagram ads.