Running is basically enjoyed by everybody for social, physical and mental well being of an individual. Running requires only a pair of good running shoes. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, it is good to invest in exclusive timberlands running shoes as it is a great stress reliever. Running increases your lung capacity, it helps in metabolism, lower cholesterol level, and helps in social interaction. Running helps to make bones stronger, bigger and denser. Running is good for women who are in the state of menopause and who have a family history of osteoporosis. Running burns calories gives energy, increase stamina, and endorphins are released while exercising. Before starting, you should check with your doctor if you can, to get guidelines, and wear proper running shoes like exclusive timberlands.

Most shoes are comfortable when you are standing in a shoe store, but when you take it home you realise that they are not comfortable. Before going into the shop to purchase a pair of shoes you should determine your running mechanics. Pronation shows wear pattern of shoes as below:
1. Neutral Pronation
2. Over-Pronation
3. Under Pronation

There are different types of running shoes available in the market, depending upon their soles, waterproof, cushion, shock absorption, pronation, durability, abrasion, resistance, breathable, heels, arch support, and flex. They are:
1. Neutral Shoes
2. Super Cushioned Shoes
3. Stability Shoes
4. Motion Control Shoes
5. Barefoot Shoes
6. Minimalist Shoes

There are different running shoe categories based on their strides of hard, even surfaces, off-road routes with roots, rocks, muds and other obstacles or for the gym or Crossfit workouts. They are

1. Cross training
2. Trail running
3. Road running

Some tips are necessary to keep in mind while going to purchase running shoes. They are – foot size, extra space of thumbnail in the toe box, whether you wear orthotics, and insoles that can

increase your comfort, fit and support. Running in the wrong shoes will lead you to foot pain, pain in the back, Achilles tendinitis, runners knee and other conditions.

If you are planning to buy running shoes, go to a speciality shoe store for your fit. It can also be checked online or at a store for 24/7 comfort, suspension technology, reducing feet fatigue, breathable, lightweight, absorbent, anti-bacterial. There are various online sale promotions going on in exclusive stores.

If you want to buy genuine products, with huge collections for men and women with the latest models do visit exclusive Timberlands shoe store online or visit the shoe store in person that gives 100% quality product. You can buy with confidence, quality assurance, sturdy, and various benefits associated with brand. There are exchange offers also available on shoes combined with warranty offers, value for money and quality assurance on various models.