When you think of your favorite seafood, what comes to mind. For many, it’s probably a delicious serving of sturgeon caviar paired with a blini and sprinkled with a generous amount of chives — maybe even with an addition of butter for that excellent creamy taste. Caviar is a popular delicacy made from sturgeon roe. While many people love it, they always end up misunderstanding how to approach it. So, what is the correct way to eat this delightful delicacy? How do you serve it? Do you chew it? To settle all doubts once and for all, here is how to eat caviar like an expert chef.

1. How Do You Serve Caviar?

Caviar is a delicate delicacy and how you serve it will determine how it will taste. Top chefs recommend that you first and foremost get your caviar ice-cold before serving to preserve its perfect texture. The best way to do this is to serve it cold in a bowl over ice. Also, do not handle it with metallic bowls or spoons as this can add an undesired metallic taste and sully its rich taste. Use other material like glass, bone or plastic.

2. What Portion of Caviar Should You Eat?

Caviar is packed with nutrients and flavor, so it is generally served in small portions. The important thing to remember is that it is never the entire meal. The serving per tasting should be half a teaspoon or about one to three teaspoons when included in a meal. The proper etiquette is to eat in small bites.

3. What Do You Serve Caviar With?

If you are going to use caviar as an appetizer, it is best to serve it as the Russians do; on top of a blini and sprinkled with chives. Another popular approach you should try is to serve it alongside a toast or crackers. If you are new to caviar or you just want to enjoy its pure luscious taste, eat it directly from the tin. To enhance taste, some people pair their caviar with dry champagne or fine vodka. You may also want to try serving caviar with baked potatoes or egg salad.

4. Do You Chew Caviar?

That’s the question that everyone seems to ask about caviar. Yet anyone who has ever tasted caviar knows that chewing it is not the best way to enjoy its flavorful taste. So, if you want to eat your caviar right, do it as the pros do; bring it close to your nose just as you would with fine wine and take in its diverse flavors. Then use your tongue to feel its unique flavor and smooth texture. Never use your teeth otherwise you are going to miss the delicious butteriness. Frankly, eating caviar is an experience to enjoy, so take time with your taste buds. Trying to crush caviar with your teeth is to deny yourself one of life’s truly luxuriant experiences.

It’s Time to Go Get Some Caviar

Has the wrong approach been stopping you from luxuriating in your favorite sturgeon caviar? Then now you know how to get it right from the very moment it enters your kitchen. Smart people just like yourself are using caviar to spice up their dinners every day. You should too.

Everyone loves to sleep, but few of them doesn’t get much sleep due to a different type of issues like stress, anxiety and more. An Adult weighted blanket can provide you with more relaxation and calmness so that you will be able to sleep with peace.

Types of weighted blanket Fillers:

There are different adult weighted blanket fillers available, and the most preferred one includes the filling of Glass Beads, Poly Pellets, and sand. Let us see them in depth.

Micro Glass Beads:

Most of the people prefer them as they are developed with high-quality materials. The beads look micro in size and look similar to the salt or sand crystals. The weighted blankets which are filled with this micro glass beads offer more smoothness inside and probably the best option for people who have any sensory, physical and auditory sensitivities.

The Micro glass beads filled weighted blankets are heavier when compared to the plastic counterparts, which indicates you will need extra micro glass beads than the number you choose for the plastic pellets. The micro glass beads fill also works great for people who prefer little additional weight for the support.

Poly Pellets:

They are made of good quality plastic materials & looks round and small in size with a texture of pebble. They are most commonly developed from the ABS Virgin plastic that means there is no chance for them to come into contact with any chemicals or toxins, which is an added advantage.

Plastic Polly pellets are not for people who have sound or skin sensitivities. In this case, you can choose to make use of these Polly pellets within any cotton surface but make sure it is appropriately constructed or else you will feel uneven. There are high chances for irritation at night with its lumpiness.

If you make use of the fleece fabrics or Minky fabrics along with plastic poly pellets, the material thickness provides you with the softness.


Adult weighted blankets that are filled with sand adds weight to your quilt or sheet, but there are few chances for issues in sleeping. Sands does not spread evenly when compared with the plastic pellets or micro glass beads. Apart from that, you will not be able to wash the weighted blanket that is filled with sand.

Sands easily expand when it washed and will cluster or bundle inside the pockets of blankets and thus cause uneven texture in your fabric while sleeping. Apart from that, it takes more time to get dried and the time differs based on the material you use. In this case, they do not last for an extended time.

You also need to make sure that the weighted blankets fillings are not made of any unnatural and inorganic materials and this is the reason why you should go for the FDA approved blankets. Make sure to read the instructions and label before you choose them for you or your family members.


Apart from the above fillings, an adult weighted blanket also make use of the smooth and Overstone pebbles, steel shot beads, organic fillers and more. However, the most preferred filling for a weighted blank is undoubtedly those filled with microbeads.

By now you have probably heard about the new juice cleanse phenomenon which is taking the health industry by the storm. Yes, you go that right! A simple vitamin-packed juice can pin a period of 3 days help you to reboot your health and start on a new page.

What is weight loss juice cleanse This a healthy packed juice made from several plants. The weight loss juice cleanse is a blend of different fruits and plants which are rich in nutrition. This juice is created for weight loss, and mostly to flash out toxic substances in a human body. You can learn more from Dr. Oz s video on this issue, you can watch it here. Many experts in the health sector argue that human bodies have the capacity to clean out toxic on their own like they are designed to. Nevertheless, times have changed and food that is produced today is full of toxic waste which the body finds very difficult to flash out on its own. This leads to a bloated body system that can lead to serious weight gain that is almost impossible to lose. A good example is how some of the seafood has a high rate of mercury or heavy metals which is practically possible to digest. This level of toxic is burdened the body cleaning system, in some instance leading to kidney failure. They are many examples of toxins that we breathe and ingest unknowingly. As a result, natural body sieves like the liver, kidneys etc on their own are no match to toxins like pills, additives, processed foods, and most pollutants. The main question is how can a human body be assisted to clean out such toxins, this where the 3-day juice cleanse challenges comes to place, if you may call it a challenge. Before you take the challenge you might as well try and trace symptoms of toxins in your body, these may include

– Feeling tired all the time

– Hyper appetite

– Inexplicable weight gain

– Nasal blockage

– Consistent headaches

– Foul breath

– Sagging eyes

These are just a few examples to watch out for. Within the 3-day weight, loss juice cleanses it should be noted that you don’t have to take any food except for the juice in a bid to give the body the health reboot it needs. This fasting method gives the body nothing to digest except for the juices that you will be taking and hence maximum weight loss cleansing. One of the symptoms highlighted as a sign of high toxic is inexplicable weight gain which is difficult to shade off. These juices can actually help weight loss and see an improved weight. How safe is it to do a 3-day juice challenge for weight loss cleanse? Like any medical process, it’s advisable to ask your doctor or take a prescription. A more informed approach will help you to have a detailed juicing approach which goes well with your body or any medical condition that you might have.

These are necessary safety measures which also can contribute to a proper approach. Weight loss juice cleanses like any process need to be aptly followed to achieve effective results.